Training Others

Many organisations have e-learning content that they wish to make available to members or customers via the web. Whether you are an association that has created an e-learning library, a marketing department looking to educate a target audience or a training company looking to sell courses and other related products over the web, SATT LMS can help. 

Let’s look at a couple of case studies of projects we regularly work on:

The Training Company:

A professional training and accreditation body had decided to make a commitment to use an LMS to:

  • Replace a number of courses traditionally delivered in the classroom
  • Maintain automated control over exam bookings and the accreditation process

First they developed the e-learning courses. They outsourced the development of their courses but used internal subject matter experts to ensure quality. When the courses were ready they were imported into the SATT Learning Management Suite (LMS). Then administrators added information on the course, set the price and published the course. At the same time this information was shown on the client website – allowing a user to register, pay for a course and receive course logins within seconds.

The Manufacturing Company:

A manufacturer of electrical products wants to ensure that the retail sales executives selling these products at their stores around the world fully understand their features and benefits. Using a collaborative e-learning tool, the client and SATT develop the e-learning courses, using SATT LMS to manage all aspects of the training process. Although the organisation still uses face to face training, it does so less frequently, saving cost and enabling them to spend more time embedding sales messages rather than training on product knowledge.