Training Employees

SATT LMS is a powerful tool that enables you to manage employee training effectively and easily.

LMS is a browser-based application that provides fully functional learning, content and training management, offering organisations the necessary tools to quickly and cost-effectively create, distribute and track any type of training activity; online, in the classroom and on the job. LMS consists of advanced tools that have been built in line with global compliance standards and international e-Learning standards (SCORM, AICC) and in consultation with training managers, compliance managers and other business professionals who deliver and manage training daily.

LMS can help you manage all areas of employee training including:

  • New employee – induction training
  • Product Training
  • Health & Safety
  • Process Training
  • IT Training

In addition to a wide array of content development tools, LMS provides the necessary functionality to track and record an individual’s progress through assigned classroom and online training. The built-in reporting and compliance tools also meet the needs of business with responsibilities to meet regulatory compliance.

A Learning Management system (LMS) such as SATT LMS helps organisations to automate their learning processes to achieve:

  • Greater visibility of activity at all levels
  • Greater empowerment of administration at all levels
  • Better results through optimising how the learning process functions at all levels

An LMS is a critical software application in the overall Learning Strategy that you are adopting as an organisation. Whether you are searching for an LMS for the first time or looking to replace or upgrade from something you already have, SATT’s LMS can meet your needs