Standard Operating Procedures

All organisations have some form of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s). These may be related to a company’s controlled documents and policies, health & safety practices, quality controlled processes or increasing operational efficiency.

SOP training is becoming more important as regulations become ever tighter, and harsher penalties come into effect. Developing and documenting the SOP is a challenge in itself, but ensuring that all staff are aware, have access to, understand and adhere to it is another.

SATT LMS has been built specifically to provide the level of granularity required for SOP Training. SATT LMS provides organisations with the ability to easily create, deploy, track, manage and report on SOP Training programmes.

SATT LMS helps to automate your SOP Training through:

  • Integration with your Electronic Document Management System
    SATT LMS can be integrated with your electronic document management system to auto-assign document training (and revisions) based on pre-assigned rules in LMS.
  • Electronic signatures (e-signatures)
    Elearning pages are tracked to ensure that employees have read the necessary training material. Employees are then required to use their e-signature to verify that they have read and understood the SOP.
  • On-the-Job (OJT) recording functionality
    SATT LMS’s OJT functionality allows organisations to record practical SOP training activities. Records and results can be entered by the employee or supervisor. These are stored against an employee’s training record and provide evidence that an employee has demonstrated understanding to a qualified and proficient person.
  • A powerful assessments engine
    To measure and enhance the understanding of SOP’s, SATTLMS provides a built-in assessment engine to test proficiency.
  • Tracking proficiency and qualification
    Easily run reports to track employee proficiency and to ensure that activities are performed by properly qualified personnel, for safety, risk and compliance reasons.