All software applications require knowledge and expertise before they can be used to their full capabilities. Even when you have decided that an application can meet your business needs, you still face the key challenge of ensuring good implementation and use of the software to ensure business change. SATT is able to provide key implementation packages to help you feel secure that the system is understood to its full capability, that it is used properly by those that need to use it and that it will continue to be used over time.

Our expertise means that you can feel secure that we are following a ‘best practice’ methodology for not only the software installation but also the services that we offer around that application.

SATT can deploy your chosen application on your company’s servers. This means it will be available on your company’s network rather than over the web.Your IT department will provide first line support and SATT will support your IT team and administrators.

This solution is vital for some, such as for organisations required to ensure full security of training records. Other organisations may have a policy that all software applications are managed in house.

The deployed model has the following cost components:

  • Set up to your desired configuration and branding of the portal to reflect your design needs
  • Licence Fees depending on the number of users that need to access the system. The deployed solution works well when you know that x number of people will need access to the system regularly over the course of a year or several years
  • Support and maintenance (A percentage charge levied yearly to allow us to provide you with full support and maintenance of the system)