The SATT Approach

SATT has vast experience in working with varied clients and delivering quality products, with a high level of repeat business.
In-house procedures for Development, Quality Assurance and Project Management are continually audited and improved in line with industry best practices.

At the beginning of all projects SATT appoint a Project Manager to oversee the project and manage any issues that may arise. The use of a single point of contact ensures efficiency and reliability of communication between Cobent and its clients.

The SATT Project Management team work on a wide range of contracts, and are typically responsible for:

  • Ensuring Quality Assurance procedures are implemented
  • Ensuring that source material is available and up-to-date where appropriate
  • Ensuring that all production staff employed on the project are familiar with the specifications and requirements of the project, as well as timescales and review cycles
  • Producing all work to the required specification
  • Ensuring that milestones are reported against and that any deviation from the programme is agreed and confirmed in writing
  • Producing regular reports on the progress and the financial status of the project
  • Working closely with senior project personnel who, under the direction of the Project Manager, are responsible for all production aspects
  • Submitting draft and final versions of the product for technical validation
  • Ensuring that the correct validation/approval requirements are met at draft and final stages and that the necessary comments are incorporated
  • Ensuring proper procedure is followed for management of changes to the specification
  • Completing the necessary back-up requirements and ensuring delivery requirements are met on completion of the project
  • Maintaining contact with the client