About SATT

We’ve built our company on a business model that works – our commitment to an ethos of hard work, innovation, and close consultation with our clients is reflected throughout our team, with the imaginative courses we create, and in our customer’s satisfaction, which is reflected in their requests for repeat projects.

This started when the team’s educators in the late 90’s recognised that the burgeoning training tool of e-learning was the way forward for computer based learning.

Based in London, Birmingham and Northern Ireland, SAT Team has a rich mixture of writers, graphic designers, programmers, media professionals, and project managers, who believe strongly in the work we do, and take amazing pride in our work

Our management team is deeply involved in both our own strategic development and that of our clients, and is actively involved in the creation of each product.

We quickly realised that quality was a word that was hard to find in the e-learning field, But SAT Team specialises in it. Quality and ingenuity go into every aspect of our e-learning, producing courses that create excitement within an organization and actually change learner behavior.

We are the preferred e-learning supplier for the Careers Transition Partnership of the MOD that helps retrain service personnel to prepare to return to the civilian workforce. This demonstrates how our clients view our commitment to their projects created by SAT Team.

This commitment to quality is enshrined in all our courses which are all accredited with ISO/9001/2000 compliant qualifications accredited by Government recognised educational organisations such as Edexcel, NCFE, Bucks New Uni, Skills for Security and the Department of Education and Skills.

Our system is SCORM compliant and AiCC compliant together with level 7 security structure for all MOD departments and complies with W3 and international web organisation requirements together with PayPal recognition.