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Greenwich London College ! [29-01-2009]
Free CSS Template We have joined up with Greenwich London College to extend and develop both our services on a national level here in the United Kingdom


London Camden College [29-01-2009]
Free TemplateWe have joined up with London Camden College to extend and develop both our services on a national level here in the United Kingdom


We believe the learning curve is a life long event as each generation develops, so do the techniques for learning.

Using our experience, knowledge and technology, we have put together a system that allows us to team up with our clients to give unparalleled results in the area of learning.

Our well established practice of working closely with our clients developing partnerships that gives us a thorough understanding of their needs and training aspirations.

Coupled with our proven interactive e-learning system which actively engages the student, whether it’s for corporate training, health and safety, or staff education, will improve knowledge, skills and qualifications, increasing staff retention.

We are please to announce that full development of our iphone application has been confirmed for completion in the first quarter of 2010. This will allow users a simple single touch to access the Learning Genie and course/s.

S.H.E.M.P© Has been hailed by Risk management Professionals at Earnest & Young in the city of London as the preferred systematic tool for the new wave of physical and financial risk assessment tool. This system was pioneered by SAT Team partners early in 2008 and if used by many institutions could have averted the current situation. (see 2009 course in “Risk Management” )

Health & Safety in High Risk Areas© once again this course is gaining accolades in various arenas. Currently it has just won the William Tranter 2008 Award for training awareness and excellence.


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